Selected Wine Sweden is a family owned business with a passion for finding a perfect bottle for every occasion. We believe in building long term relationships with both wine makers and spirit makers as well as our customers in the Scandinavian countries. We always strive to have a balanced portfolio and to build our success through targeting and segmentation, matching our products to customer demands and always leaving room for unique products.

Our mission is to find and select wines and spirits with local characteristics and with the typical taste from the region of origin. We are also always looking for the right quality to always be able to deliver the highest quality/price value in every category. We import wines and spirits from mainly Spain, Italy, France and Hungary for the Scandinavian markets. We distribute our wines and spirits to the consumer market trough the Swedish retail monopoly Systembolaget and the Finnish equivalent Alko. We also trade directly to commercial businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and bars.


We have chosen to categorize our portfolio in different categories, to create a way for both producers to see where their wine might fit, and customers to easily chose the right wine for the right occasion..


This is the base of our portfolio. In this category we are looking for wines with typical characteristics from the region of origin. We search for traditional grapes and tastes that both fits the local dishes and where we feel there is a match to traditional nordic couisine.


Our wines in the Social category are made for leisure occasions and party. This goes both for packaging and taste. These wines come often as ”Bag in Box” and are perfect when your entertaining. We, and our costumers, are looking for a good and balanced taste at a very good price - key in this segment.


With the same criteria’s as in the Classic category, we select wines where the wine maker has an even higher ambition. These wines have an edge and the local characteristics are more refined. They have also been produced in smaller quantities - with bigger taste, they are Exclusive, and challenge the bigger brands. These wines are made to be enjoyed together with local top courses and with international gourmet alternatives.


As the market for sparkling wines grows, and the prices on Champagne continue to increase, we want to introduce more brands and products of sparkling wines to the nordic market. In this category we search for the same criteria as in the Classic category but with even more unique characteristics.


Björn Kronke